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November 21, 2011

November 1, 2015

TELOS was awarded a 2015 EMMY from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (Lower Great Lakes Region) for audio production in the documentary Enduring Trust, The History and Aspirations of The Cleveland Foundation. Congratulations to Jeff Gates of Commercial Sound + Image for his outstanding work on the editing and audio mix of this production.


May 11, 2015

Delighted to report ENDURING TRUST: The History and Aspirations of The Cleveland Foundation has earned four Emmy nominations from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (Lower Great Lakes Region). The four nominations are in the categories of Historical/Cultural Program or Special, Research, Audio and Photographer. Congratulations to all who worked on this half hour documentary!


October 17, 2014

October 20th at 9PM Enduring Trust – The History & Aspirations of The Cleveland Foundation will air on PBS/ideastream. This program has been in production for over a year and includes interviews with nationally recognized scholars and historians. To watch the TV promotional spot please click here:

Enduring Trust 30 Second TV spot


July 1, 2014

October 8, 2014 through Jan 5, 2015 the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris will host a major retrospective on the career of Frank Gehry. The curators requested A Constructive Madness, the TELOS produced documentary on Gehry’s creative process, to assist them in the research and development of their exhibition. The one hour documentary, narrated by Jeremy Irons, explores the ten year design process of the Lewis house and documents the collaboration between Frank Gehry and philanthropist Peter B. Lewis.


March 15, 2014

TELOS is in production on a documentary for the General Services Administration GSA (the largest landlord in the world), on the topic of Modernism. The documentary will focus on the renovation of the Anthony J. Celebrezze Federal Building constructed in 1966 and designed by Piet van Dijk. This was the project that brought Piet to Cleveland. The renovation features an innovative double glass wall. This documentary is a collaboration with Interactive Design Architects (Idea8) in Chicago who designed and are implementing these upgrades to a Modernist office building approaching 50 years in continuous use. The project has major implications for the aging Modernist infrastructure around the world.


January 8, 2014

“Perpetuity is a long time.” The Cleveland Foundation should know because they are celebrating their 100th Anniversary this year. Created by Frederick H. Goff in 1914, The Cleveland Foundation has a rich history to tell. Historian John J. Grabowski, of CWRU and the Western Reserve Historical Society, is co-writing this project that weaves together the history of the Foundation with the history of the city. This half hour broadcast documentary is a collaboration with the talented folks at ideastream/PBS and will air in the Fall of 2014.


November 16, 2012

Extreme Visions, the TELOS Documentary about recent architecture at Princeton University will be shown as part of the celebration of the 2012 American Institute of Architects Cleveland and the International Interior Design Association Cleveland/Akron Design Awards. The film showing will be at the Cleveland Museum of Art. The awards dinner will be held at the Frank Gehry designed, Peter B. Lewis Building at Case Western Reserve University.


June 3, 2012

Proud and happy to report TELOS programs won 2 out of 3 Emmy nominations at last nights ceremonies in Indianapolis. The first was in the Documentary category for the one hour show: All For One – The History of Cleveland Clinic.

The second award was for the photography in the “mini-doc” Artistic Choice, produced for national PBS in collaboration with WVIZ PBS Ideastream. Directors of Photography included Dave Staruch (WVIZ), Ted Sikora (Ted Sikora Films) and Yoshi Andrego (Commercial Sound + Image).

Huge congrats to all of the enormously talented people who worked on these projects!


May 12, 2012

Happy to report three 2012 Emmy nominations for Telos programs!

Two nominations for the PBS story, Artistic Choice and one for best Documentary for All For One – the Story of Cleveland Clinic. Congrats to everyone who worked on these programs! Keep your fingers crossed, the awards wil be announced in June.


November 22, 2011

Along with new friends and collaborators at WVIZ/PBS ideastream in Cleveland, we recently completed a short mini-documentary, for national broadcast, about how the arts are funded in Cleveland. See the full program on the National PBS Website: or, on WVIZ IdeaStream’s website:

The photo is courtesy of The Cleveland Museum of Art and shows Antonio Canova’s sculpture of the Goddess Terpshichore, one of the nine Muses, or goddesses of creative inspiration.


June 27, 2011

Telos recently filmed the OMNI Quartet, composed of musicians from the Cleveland Orchestra, for the Mt. Sinai Foundation 2010 Annual Report. They did a great job of doing their Annual Report on Film instead of print. For the full story please go to the newly designed In Production section on the Telos website.


April 17, 2011

The Telos website (including this Blog) has now been fully optimized for the iPad and the iPhone. The navigation and design is finger-touch easy and the video and graphics quality looks amazing. Also, check out the new In Production section.


A new updated version of the Telos documentary, All for One – The Story of Cleveland Clinic will be broadcast on PBS in Northeast Ohio. The program is narrated by Edward Herrmann. WVIZ will air the show in primetime on Tuesday May 24, at 8:00 P.M. and again on Thursday May 26, at 10 P.M. The portrait above is of one of the founders of Cleveland Clinic, Dr. George Washington Crile.


The Phoenix Museum of Art is doing a retrospective exhibition of Théâtre de la Mode. They are selling the Telos documentary and have already sold out of their first shipment. The exhibition is in the Ellman Fashion Design Gallery March 12, 2011 – July 31, 2011. Photo above by David Seidner of a miniature dress at 1/3 human scale by Parisian couturier, Madame Gres.


The American Institute of Architects Cleveland chapter featured, A Constructive Madness, the Telos documentary, narrated by Jeremy Irons, about the unbuilt Frank Gehry Peter Lewis House at a lecture/tour of the Weatherhead School of Management. The program was held on April 2, 2011 and included a panel discussion. This showing was part of the AIA’s month long celebration of Architecture.


March 29, 2010

Screen shot 2010-02-02 at 5.37.59 PM

Beauty of Damage

I am delighted to report The Beauty of Damage – The World of Christopher Pekoc has just won the Kodak Best Ohio Short Film at the Cleveland International Film Festival. This award comes with a $1000 cash prize. Congratulations to Writer & Producer Henry Adams, Director of Cinematography Ted Sikora, Sound Editor Jeff Gates and of course the Artist himself, Christopher Pekoc!


December 18, 2009

Kandinsky "Several Circles"

Recent NYT article about Kandinsky features the circle motif and makes the Telos Logo even cooler than it already is. The writer of the article, Natalie Angier, quotes Kandinsky:

I also learned of Kandinsky’s growing love affair with the circle. The circle, he wrote, is “the most modest form, but asserts itself unconditionally.” It is “simultaneously stable and unstable,” “loud and soft,” “a single tension that carries countless tensions within it.”



August 9, 2009

The Cleveland Plain Dealer Sunday Arts Profile by Evelyn Thiess. Photo by Lonnie Timmons.

PDF Front Page (easy to read)

PDF Inside (easy to read)

Cleveland Plain Dealer Link



June 15th 2009

The Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation will hold it’s annual meeting at Severance Hall next week. They will showcase their outstanding work in the Cleveland Schools for the past 10 years distributing free eyeglasses to the students who need them. Telos created an 11 minute video to tell this story. Congratulations to the Mt. Sinai Foundation and to Helen Keller International for 10 years of wonderful work with their ChildSight program.




The Telos Program FOCUSED CALM – The Architecture of Healing at Cleveland Clinic just won an International Silver Telly (which is their highest award) in the 2009 30th Anniversary Telly Awards. This program showcases the outstanding work of Landscape Architect, Peter Walker and Cleveland Clinic’s new $634 million dollar expansion.



10 Reasons I bought a Kindle

#10 – The Gadget Factor – I like gadgets. Reading the Kindle makes me feel futuristic. You can easily imagine Jean Luc Picard of Star Trek using one in his cabin on board the Starship Enterprise. I’m sure Captain Picard orders “Earl Grey – hot” from the food replicator before he sits down to read his Kindle.

#9 – Whispernet – There is a cellphone technology built into it that requires no subscription fee. They call the service Whispernet and it means you can order a book from Amazon in about 30 seconds anytime, anywhere, no network or internet connection is required.

#8 – Free 1st Chapters – You can download sample chapters for free. I love to browse in the bookstore and read a bit before I buy a book. The Kindle gives me an optional entire first chapter to try out a book before I buy it. Books usually cost under ten bucks but the ability to try out anything for free really widens your reading world.

#7 – iPhone Sync – It works in sync with the iPhone. Thanks to the Whisperjet network if I start reading a book on the Kindle in the morning and am waiting around at the Dentist in the afternoon, I can open up the free Kindle app on the iPhone and it jumps right to the exact page where I left off.

#6 – Access – I love my iPod and having so much and so many varied types of music available to me at almost all times. The Kindle brings this same sort of selection, portability and access to Literature.

#5 – $150 Million Dollar Screen – The screen technology cost 150 million dollars to develop and perfect. It can be read in bright sunlight. It is easy on the eyes and does not give you a headache the way some people complain about reading on the computer.

#4 – Search – Kindle books are totally searchable. I don’t mean just Index searches I mean word searches. Where was that quote Kipling said about the “little friend of all the world?” You can find it in seconds.

#3 – More than Books – Blogs, daily newspapers and a large selection of magazines (including the New Yorker) are available, so are free books from sites like Feedbooks.

#2 – Research – The Kindle is the inevitable future of learning. Soon most textbooks will be available. For research, there are ways to comment, highlight, clip and organize your notes about what you read.

#1 – Travel – I travel a lot and I love to read. Travel has become such a total pain it is always good to have a book handy. I especially love to read travel writers who write of horrible adversity when I travel. Nothing like reading about someone’s three-months-long misfortune to make that irritating 4 hour delay seem trite.

Robert Byron, who is perhaps the best travel writer of all time, talks about how books are the first thing a modern traveller leaves behind. He quotes an author in one of the books he has brought with him on his journey.

“In the Afghan exploration of 1910, Moorcroft’s books (thirty volumes) were recovered and the list of them would surprise any modern traveller who believes in a light and handy equipment.”

Byron exclaims, “What surprises me is that considering he was away five years, there should have been so few.” Well, Robert those days are gone forever. On my next trip I’m packing 50 books in less space (and weight) than is taken up by a Time magazine.




Christopher Pekoc’s Retrospective Night Visions at Tregoning Gallery

Featuring 26 collages from 1975–2000, Christopher Pekoc’s early work can be seen at Tregoning&Co through March. The exhibition will also feature the Telos film, The Beauty of Damage.



Google Books now on iPhone

One of the Telos Blogs which received the most comments was Sight Reading about the rise of e-books and the tactile nature of reading from paper. This week, Amazon released the new Kindle an e-book reader that holds 1,500 books in memory. Perfect for that long flight! Also, in recent weeks Google announced a new free service which allows you to access the full text of seven million [!] e-books right from your iPhone or cell phone. Totally amazing!


DEC 12, 2008 – Museum News – THE CENTRAAL MUSEUM, in Utrecht, The Netherlands will include the Telos film, Theatre de la Mode as part of an exhibition of fashion dolls by the House of Victor & Rolf.


The Peter B. Lewis Library of Science, at Princeton, was officially dedicated on November 20, 2008. Full story here




Dec 12, 2008 – Museum News – The exhibition featuring the Telos film: A Constructive Madness – is now on view at The PHILADELPHIA MUSEUM of ART. I saw the exhibition a couple of weeks ago and it is really impressive! First of all the Philadelphia Museum is one of the largest in the U.S. The exhibition is filled with not only the film but with Frank Gehry’s furniture and models, drawings & jewelry.

Lewis House Model by Frank Gehry

Design and process of The Lewis House by Frank O. Gehry is curated by Kathryn Heisinger. She says, “A Constructive Madness is in it everywhere, like a visible narrator. Frank was here and said the show was “beautifully designed.” The exhibition opened on November 8th and will run through April 5th, 2009


Nov 1, 2008 – New section on the Telos Website about Fine Art Photographer Luca Campigotto. Dreamy night time photo slideshow of Venice. Gorgeous work!


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