Nin and Picasso-Minotaur-kneeling-over-sleeping-girl-etching copy 2 | As We Are

Dreamy portrait of Anaïs Nin paired with an etching by Picasso of one of his favorite themes.


  • Fran Kohler says:

    my name is francis kohler. i am working towards a major in art history at Pacific University in Oregon. I have been researching the relationship between Anais Nin and Pablo Picasso for a paper. Is there any information available (or speculation) that Picasso and Nin were lovers? Is it possible that it is Nin depicted in “Minotaur Kneeling…”? I would appreciate any insight!

    • Tom Ball says:

      Sorry Francis. I have no real information or insight on your question. Thanks for reading and making the inquiry. Wish I could help. All best on your project!

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