the telos vision

Inspiration, an unconscious burst of thought, an idea “breathed upon,” can come from anywhere. But what follows is what separates the introspective from the shallow, the meaningful from the commercial, the exceptional from the ordinary. Vision is a process, not a flash of genius or a stroke of luck. How do we know this? We have been fortunate to learn from some extraordinary talents, clients who have commissioned Telos over the years to explain how they do what they do.

The best part about my job is interviewing fascinating world-class achievers at the height of their powers and trying to capture – in their own words – what makes them tick.

–Thomas Ball, President, TELOS productions

One such master whose process we have explored is architect Frank Gehry. His ideas may come from, jokingly, a wadded ball of paper or, more seriously, a fish. But his buildings, sculptures, furniture aren’t as much testament to his genius as to his singularity of vision and relentless passion for his art. The work doesn’t end with his infamous scribble-sketch. Gehry’s tenacious process allowed him to find a way, through digital technology, to translate his artistic vision to the people who construct the buildings. It is one of his most significant innovations, and it changed his profession.

Like many collaborative artists, Gehry’s final product belongs to a range of people: material scientists, contractors, mentors, designers, accountants, computer specialists, those who use his spaces or derive meaning from their forms: almost no one has the ability to absolutely control a creative process. It is when each component is executed with sensitivity to the conceptual arc that the final product takes shape as a whole.

Telos understands the determination of the creative process because we’ve grown as we’ve had the privilege to work with such great minds. Taking an idea and putting it on the screen is never simple, it requires brainstorming sessions, script-writing and rewriting, hours of interviews, careful cinematography, rigorous editing, music selection…But it isn’t just that we do this and do it well; it’s who we are. The joy of the creative process is where production stops being a commodity and strives to become art.

Telos specializes in digital cinematography, pacing, tone, good ideas, and attention to detail. If you want to communicate your vision and capture every revealing detail, motion pictures is the best approach. Make your message as seamless as possible by using one team, capable of taking the project from conception to delivery and every step in between.

Programming that engages the viewer both emotionally and intellectually, through expertly shot and edited productions which tell a story and are filled with ideas. That’s the Telos vision.