Théâtre de la Mode

Winner First Place MUSE award – American Association of Museums
EMMY award – National Academy of Arts & Sciences, Midwest Region (1992)

Displayed at: The Louvre – Paris | The Metropolitan Museum of Art – NY
The Fashion Foundation – Tokyo | The Portland Museum of Art
The Baltimore Museum of Art | The Lowe Art Museum – Miami

Objective: Explore social history through fashion. Provide video support for exhibitions at the Fashion Museum of the Louvre and the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Strategy: Discover 200 wire figurines dressed in hand made miniature couture clothes. Shoot on location in Paris and fall in love with the city of light. Interview brilliant chic and famous French Couturiers, Vogue Executives, Actors (including Jean Marais and Leslie Caron), Set Designers, Opera Impresarios, and craftsman about everything from the Liberation of Paris to Jean Cocteau.