Modernism Renewed

On behalf of GSA we extend to you our sincere gratitude for your direction in creative leadership in producing “Modernism Renewed.” All the passion and dedication you put into the production of the film paid off. The praise we have received from the architecture and preservation community has underscored how well the film addressed the broad spectrum of issues. We thoroughly enjoyed working with you and thank you for creating the piece that will undoubtedly become the benchmark for future GSA productions.

–Regina Nally
Historic Preservation Officer
U.S. General Services Administration – Great Lakes Region
Public Buildings Service

Objective: Document the history of the Anthony J. Celebrezze Federal Building in Cleveland before during and after renovations to preserve and protect the building.

Strategy: Put the building, originally constructed by the GSA in the late 1960's, into the context of Modernism. Interview the original architect on the original intent of the Modernist based design. Interview the renovation architects about their intervention on the building. Describe why this innovative "double wall" solution has relevance to aging mid-century buildings worldwide. Use a high def drone at magic hour to dramatically show building construction and architectural design.