Enduring Trust

2014 Emmy award – National Academy of Arts & Sciences, Lower Great Lakes Region

“The philanthropic motive will long endure.” – Frederick H. Goff, founder of The Cleveland Foundation

“What a masterful synthesis! The movie clips were an unexpected and enlivening touch, and I stand in awe of the spritely and intelligent editing of the interviews. The documentary makes Goff’s brilliance come to life for a new generation!”

Diana Tittle, author of Rebuilding Cleveland, The Cleveland Foundation and its Evolving Urban Strategy

“Socko! Very well received.
Working on this project has been a hugely important experience for me in a number of ways but most particularly because of the creative treatment in which the documentary is centered. I am excited about what we have produced.”

John J. Grabowski, author of The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

Objective: Find a way to tell the 100 year history of the oldest Community Foundation in the country in 26 minutes.

Strategy: Scour 20 different archives for high quality photos and film. Interview nationally recognized scholars about their ongoing research and let their enthusiasm show on screen. Feature the music of Beethoven and Brahms. Quote sci-fi films and pop culture to broaden the audience for history.